Movin on Up

Staying over on the East-side of Paso tonight–sticking with the BDX varieties, but less than half the price of yesterday’s. And… alcohols down in manageable levels. This is a beautiful wine, and the bang-for-the-buck is SHOCKING. When you look at Paso’s still-affordable cabs: the Ancient Peak’s, the Donati’s, the Sculptera’s, the Broken Earth’s, the J.Lohr’s, the Broadside’s, the Powell Mountain’s–I’m leaving out the entry-level Justin and Daou because they don’t fall into my range of *quality*–the 20-dollar category becomes rather competitive. But this newcomer brings EVERYTHING you want to the glass.

Medium ruby and staining with a distinctly purple edge. Wiry grit and gristle emerge from the glass: briary burnt tobacco, aged leather, and not-intoxicating blustery cherry. A dusty *feel* glows alongside saliva-savory and perfect ripeness, not to mention a peppery touch of oak.

Gorgeously un-slutty on the palate, a wine definitely not playing to the sweet, alcoholic chubbiness so common in Paso. I actually decanted this–something unheard of with $20 cab–as the chalky nose and grainy mouth-feel had me going FAR above the price-point, and it needed some air-time. Bright pie-cherry and sharp raspberry dominate the palate, blisteringly dry, almost Alexander Valley-ish in brittle tannic angst and virve. Pungent and delicious, unable to find fault with the balance and poise, it’s no wonder these wines sell out so fast. You HAVE to get on the list for these. The value presented herein is incomparable.

2020 NSO by DUSTY NABOR Cabernet Sauvignon El Pomar Dist. Paso Robles 14.5

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