Rim Job

Not sure where this wine’s headed… I’ve often said the BEST Syrahs are from acclaimed Pinot producers, and this is distinctive in its *pinot-esque* falling apart. Ruby-bricking in the glass, a distinct vegetal arising in the nose–and not a particularly good version. Muddled deep cherry solidify it as Syrah, but various exemplifications along aged *Pinot* nuances cause pause. Dirty, musty compost comprises the core, there’s no real ‘Rhone’ satisfaction arising–almost entirely *old pinot* in bouquet. Sharp and raspy, feeling tired throughout, the stellar example this once was has turned to patina’d fatigue.

Abrasive and sharp in the mouth, fruit hollow and fading–but vaguely relevant in context. Acid is the controlling feature, causing ripe, fruity components to fade. A chalky affinity for has-been packs the middle, and plaudits to gorgeousness fail. Thin and vapid throughout, the desire to say nice things leaves this reviewer speechless. It SMELLS like Syrah; it FEELS like Syrah; but beyond that, nothing good can come of it. Any aspirations to aged beauty have failed, and it exists as merely a curiosity.

2007 GREG LINN Syrah Rim Rock Vyd Arroyo Grande Valley Central Coast 13.9


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