Shasta Cavalry

Both wines pulled off the excellent list at HI FELICIA RESTAURANT in Oakland. If you’re in the Bay Area, this is truly a dining experience.

As a huge fan of the winemaker, I’ve been dying to try these new far-nocal homestead projects of his. Milky orange with enough spritz to probably warrant a cage. Ripe and full-fruited in the nose, it burns with guava and mango richness and thick funky petrichor. Sweet and tight on the palate, a crispness attacks the apricot and peach in lemon-zest fashion. Dry and chalky mid-to-late, it rasps up nicely in finish. An absolute fruit-bomb far more luscious than the label would suggest.

2020 METHODE SAUVAGE IRUAI ‘Shasta-Cascade’ White America 12.5

I had no idea I was ordering TWO Chad Hinds’ wines when I picked this. Deep spicy vegetal with a rich cherry core, this thing is ALIVE in ways hard to describe. Lush and vibrant while positively HUMMING with energy, not exemplifying its carbonic nature at all. An EDM beat on a variety I love seeing lots of versions of: this thing vibes in ways hard to argue with. You’ve never had Sangio like this and it is BEAUTIFUL. Find it.

2020 EN CAVALE Sangiovese Fox Hill Vyd. Mendocino 13.0

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