Dark they were and Golden-eyed

Crammed my nose into it and was like, Is this the carbonic one?? *checks label* BAM! And headed into two years, these things really gain complexity. Light ruby with considerable tartrates. Buttery Bojo-ish texture splashes around plump berry in delicious savory form, adding to its seriousness.

Sharp and Grenache-powerful on the tongue, a lavish wash of stark acid bursting the ripe fruit into invigorating shards. Abrasive while quite full, the balance between the two reflecting both varietal-solemnity and slightly-chilled playfulness. Smoky and brooding in its chalky raspiness, rose-hip acerola churning the cherry perfectly.

2020 THE GRENACHISTA ‘Carbonic’ Grenache Mathis Vyd Sonoma Valley 14.1


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