These wines are so good. So classic and clean. Easily my first or second suggestion when I get those panicked calls from the supermarket or CVS aisle from someone headed to a date where they have a chance of getting laid. And they age so seamlessly… I wouldn’t push the modern vintages much past 10 years, but still far beyond most brands at this P-P. Ruddy garnet with a bit of brick, grainy, spicy nose wound up with gritty briar and musky vegetal compost. Fruit a lavish, reduced black cherry, headed slightly amaro or maraschino, a bit of gaseous gear-lube and diesel tinting the bouquet.

Aggressive and thick-fruited in the mouth, bright chalkiness drying out even the entry in gorgeous Bordeaux fashion, blood-orange high note adds compelling citrus charm to cherry and raspberry perfection. Unlike most inexpensive–and mass-produced–versions of the variety, the middle is not hollow: fruit charges on, ripe and un-thinned into a finish plastered with tannin. I mean: what are you going to say bad about this wine??? I suppose you could pick it apart, but that would be a fools errand. It’s literally flawless. And it’s not even *too perfect*. There are plenty of deviations from common 99% Constellation offerings packed into corners of its complexity. Continual props to Simi. THIS SHIT IS 22 BUCKS ON THE WEBSITE!!! Well-shopped in the hi-teens at retail! I DARE you.

2013 SIMI Merlot Sonoma County 13.5

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