3 Blind Mice

Light scribbles on three randos in the past 24hrs:

I have mixed emotions when I see a fairly-exclusive and somewhat-limited label show up on the supermarket top shelf. Hey: ya gotta keep the lights on if you wanna do fun stuff. Fairly predictable in color and stainage, likewise in heavy woody aromas blistered with ridiculous black cherry. Oak nuances approaching menthol and berry heavily-spiced. Thick and chewy, a nice shrill layer of chalkiness between you and the fruit. Finish needs some resolution, but this is SO stupidly young. Needs 5 years before any sort of true appreciation can occur. Unfortunately, no one will do that.
2019 SINEGAL ESTATE Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.9

Tasted blind, fairly cold and recently-opened, I said Petit Chablis. This is definitely a room-temperature wine, and as it warmed and breathed a complexity emerged out-shining my original guess. Sure enough, turned out to be probably one of the MOST-Chablis-like chards made in California today. Apricot and almond ground finely and pressed tight down into a foggy, acidic shell. This is the new flagship stuff from Tyler/Lieu Dit: expensive and delicious.
2019 MAE ESTATE Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills 13.0

Here’s what you have to ask yourself when you drink Pinot: Do you want 2/10 pinot? Do you want 5/10 pinot? Maybe 7/10 pinot is your limit? How about 9/10 pinot? Here’s the solid dealio boys & girls. The real shit: unapologetic to the 99, gorgeous and writhing to the people who matter. If you don’t know who Martin Ray is, don’t buy this wine (and get off my blog). Don’t forget the 2019 was basically my #1 pick at the recent World Of Pinot event.
2018 MOUNT EDEN VINEYARDS Pinot Noir Santa Cruz Mountains 13.5

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