Deux Tell

I can’t coax ANY kind of a nose out of this wine. And yes, I went and checked a couple other glasses–just to make SURE!–because… you know: we all have THAT fear to live with now. It’s not me. This wine literally has no nose. Just the vaguest, thinnest wisp of something maybe headed floral on a little honeyed concrete. Tried a variety of temperatures–and considerable air. It merely refuses to express anything. Nice golden straw and turbid–from the original SBC, and a favorite region of mine on the Central Coast.

Tasting it is slightly less stark–but only slightly. Crisp and too-clean, with basically nothing to love about a white wine. There’s no off-flavors or flaws, there’s just nothing here. I’ve tasted infant Riesling with more grip than this; I’ve had Pedialyte with more fruit; bottled water with more depth and character. I suppose if you HAD to find a *place* for this wine: a ridiculously hot-weather sipper?? That’s about all the plug I can give it. A little watery bitter over the middle and shyly framing the finish and that’s all she wrote, folks. Easily–far and away–the most flavorless wine I have ever had.

2020 DEUX PUNX Chardonnay San Benito Co. Central Coast 10.7

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