Reserve Caliente

Flabby-smelling, the taint of oxidation sullying the nose in meaty ways, limp and lifeless. No way at 4 years old this wine exemplifies these sort of nuances. Squished-bug and electrical-fire, the chunky, over-worked cherry flatulent and un-interesting.

Tasting it brings more disappointment to the fore-front: ridiculously hot dead berry controls all through the burning swallow. Watery over the middle where vagueness of fruit provide one of the high-points of the entire perspective, it immediately crashes into a froth of fire and brimstone where no good can be found. Gaseous and flagrant in its fire-edged maelstrom, rotten-strawberry-Everclear are the key words. A wine I can find very little merit in.

2017 DUBOST ‘Reserva’ SY/GR/Sango 60/30/10 Paso Robles 15.7

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