Bought a 6-pack of these a few years ago because the deal was smokin–and I liked them well enough–hoping they might *progress* into something interesting. They were always kinda chubby and concentrated and round-ish, in classic “blend-selection” fashion, but hillside fruit and not a ‘proprietary red blend’, so I had hope. Well, they have progressed, but in a weird direction. A nose rather burnt-rubber and oily. Asphalt and gear-lube. Grainy, chunky black cherry with distinct smoldering vegetal from impenetrable darkness in the glass.

Tasting it makes me happier for the next 4 or 5 bottles left. Crazy spiciness and sharp acid bite hard on entry, confounding and massaging the deep fruit in glistening tones. Still, it feels a bit *Napa-concentrated*. Sweet and hot, fruit only barely making a compelling statement in the background behind the kinds of things people I DON’T want to drink with rant & rave about. Alcoholic burn and thick blackberry join to create an all-too-familiar visit with the Valley-view of this variety, and this wine makes a fabulous argument for Napa Cab-haters everywhere. I need complexity and grit here, boys & girls–NOT the candy-jar.

2013 SEAVEY VINEYARD ‘Caravina’ Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Napa Valley 14.5

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