OMG SIX-YEAR-OLD CHARDONNAY!!! Words which strike fear and unbelief in the 99. But honestly, this thing’s just starting to level up! Plus, Oregon Chards are shockingly rare down here in California–ANOTHER thing to love about the ease and inexpense–and quality–of Cameron Hughes. Extremely pale canary in the glass, nose sharp and weedy, glorious wet woody dust and boggy granular ire held aloft on sweet graphite wings.

Sorry this is my last one, becvause honestly, this thing has a decade to go. Easy. Cinnamon early on the tongue; thin light and crisp, but lingering sweetness, richness and depth classify the variety. Juicy oak modifies the core, where gobs of apricot and nectarine blush and preen as sharp points of tannin edge their way in, finally dominating the finish. Stupidly good, non-California Chardonnay.

2015 CAMERON HUGHES ‘Lot 549’ Chardonnay Eola-Amity Hills Willamette Valley Oregon 13.0

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