Last Frontier

One of my favorite vineyards for ultra-cool-climate wines–now incorporated into the new SLO Coast AVA after being relegated to mere *Central Coast* or *San Luis Obispo Co* for decades. Blithering weather, non-stop coastal beatings, and tiny yields. My first go-round with the Syrah from these people, though I’ve had the Derby version a few times.

Bright purple-pink-blue in the glass, nose crispy, dirty fruit with pie-cherry piquantness and deep woodsy earth aromas.

In the mouth, bright and sharp: a tingly fruit concentration feeling quite ripe and lacking the harsh vegetal many Sonoma Coast versions contain. Chalky and thin–I can’t imagine the ABV being over 13-oh–an acidic rush stimulating the dry berry into lip-smacking shrillness but never subtracting from the overall concentration. A bit one-dimensional and lacking Northern-Rhone earthy subtleties, it is shockingly fresh and vibrant while unabashed seriousness lurks. Needs some years to settle down.

2019 LAST LIGHT Syrah Derbyshire Vyd. San Luis Obispo Co. 12.4

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