Mind the Nebb

Clear amber garnet, a nose oily and alcoholic, trying to decide if it smells *old-world* or VA or moldy fruit or oxidized, but to tactfully summarize: it pretty much smells all the reasons why I can’t do California Nebb. It’s just not interesting, I’m sorry, I can’t get through to these wines despite trying all the ones recommended to me by the ever-present “oh you should try THIS one–they do a really great job” people. It smells like port ran through sawdust. It smells like Paso Zinfandel on the rocks out in the sun. It smells like cheap hi-alc Pinot left in the cellar too long.

In the mouth, pain and regret become badges of honor. Watery and ridiculously acidic (neither of those are bad things, BTW), the rich cherry tries to keep up, but is out of energy well before my interest loses steam. In the grand scheme of things, this is probably one of the best CA Neb’s I’ve had, but you need to be a fan of margerine, supermarket-lemonade and out-of-date cough syrup.

2014 PALMINA Nebbiolo Santa Barbara Co. 14.9


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