MSG is good for you

Garnet-amber in the glass with a bit of sediment. A nose glowing with sharp–but rich–fruit: deep black cherry laid on thin wings with certain aspects of pomegranate and raspberry, all mired down in plentiful Chinese 5-spice and peat, but astrigency on the palate a noticeable fore-shadow.

In the mouth, the astrigency does not disappoint. Shockingly so–approaching sour even–a bite so harsh it brings back memories of crushing severly-under-ripe grapes against the tongue early in the season. The fruit thin and pie-sharp: a Sweet-Tart puckering where glimpses of ripeness are fleeting and nearly imaginary. There’s a solid backbone of cherry over the middle, but the edges are a crystalline fracture of jagged points. SOOO unbelievably pointed and biting, the finish going predictable ways along pre-determined paths.

2019 ROARK WINE CO ‘MSG’ Demetria Estate Santa Barbara Co. 13.2

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