Pretty Flowers

This is a phenomenal wine: all you Nouveau-haters out there need to just stop. Like I always say: buy some on third-Thursday, take a swig, smile for the camera and throw it out. It’s literally rot-gut. Then along about May… June… July, open one or two and brace yourself, Edna. And for TRUE enjoyment, drink it in November when it’s 1. Oh and did I mention how cheap you can buy them off-season? Ran into a stash of these the other day–dusty and neglected, the hype of their one day in the spotlight dimmed–some of the *regular* and a bit of the slightly-pricier Villages. Threw one in the fridge for a minute and BAM!

Deep purple rimmed in vibrant blue. The carbonic nose saturated with growing green shrubbiness and tight berry. Sharp and vitalic on the tongue, the full wash of dense cherry momentarily intense early-middle before the dry rash of youth turns it into a chalky wonder. Lip-smackingly delicious, pretty floral more in the taste than bouquet, the finish a bitter curtsy to the variety.

Your local has a ton of these laying around–just ask–because NOBODY buys Nouveau in the US. They’re missing out! Just give them a few months to settle down.

2021 GEORGES DUBOEUF Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau AOP Burgundy France 12.5

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