Mind Your Manners

If you watched my stories, you know this is way colder than I usually drink such things… But still, it’s not hurting it a bit, and since it’s been 78 in my house the past couple days, feels quite refreshing. Solid milky pale yellow, a nose of mousse and crushed apple: papery and crisp.

Great balance on the palate, no sharp edges to catch on the integration of acid and spritz. A sweet juiciness captivating and glorious, packed with gobs of wet fruit. The middle shows glowing bitterness, again raising the pet-nat bar into clean, well-mannered wines lacking weird *natural* vibes. Still: it’s not Champagne–it’s not supposed to be–and that motive is typically lost on those who insist on comparing everything against methode. As sparkling wine lovers, I think it’s impossible NOT to make some comparisons, but it shouldn’t be the standard by which all is judged. It’s like comparing Zinfandel to Cab. Sure: it can have qualities there-of, but pet-nat is pet-nat: some are cleaner and more elegant, some rife with base instincts and wildness. This bottle leans toward the latter, doing so rather gorgeously.

2021 PLEB URBAN WINERY ‘Pet-Nat’ Seyval Blanc Wildcat Vyd. Appalachian High Country AVA North Carolina 11.2


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