Pull the Fuse

That dirty smell says it all. Gorgeous toast warmth on cool ground rock, a hint of petrol, asphalt and pear and spiced rum. 8 years old and the canary is *just* beginning to deepen into pure gold.

In the mouth, ALL the reasons true winelovers adore Chardonnay–and why it is the king of white grapes. Thick and fruit-laden, the steely nature of youth fading into well-composed honey and tea. Creamy peach and nectarine flow easily off still-shrill walls of chalky acid, the middle so un-slutty as to almost appear ‘thin’. Apple-peel bitter and biting, a finish so pure it defies reason. Late-late finish brings back all the round, rich, oily nectar you could wish for.

2014 TERRES SECRETES Chardonnay Pouilly-Fuisse Burgundy 13.0


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