Thou Mayest

This little guy’s been popping up on a bunch of BTG lists locally–typically in groupings of wines I would rather not drink–hence it becomes an easy option. I know that sounds horribly *least of all evils*, and while not entirely untrue, it rises above what is usually poured alongside with spectacular ease. I’ve had it three or four times, and grabbed a bottle last night for dinner service at a brew-pub. I mention this only to reiterate my initial point: Alehouses and breweries are NOT known for their wine-lists, hence a nice, easy, tiny-production, no flashy label, family-run, moderate-alcohol Rhone becomes a REALLY simple choice alongside *the usual suspects* of Paso reds.

Light transparency–completely see-through–with a hint of Grenache-garnet tainting the rim. Beautiful muddy nose: the churn of Mourve casting burnt-rubber and asphalt pepperyness on everything. Spicy briar raises an obvious head in the bouquet, while rich cola-fruit reigns throughout.

Tasting it creates a nice middle ground between GSM’s where all varietal character has been voided and CdP-ish versions still running rife with *awkwardness* the 99 find abhorrent. I’ve often said GSM was created for people who hate wine, and it thrills me when I cram my nose into something–especially something this inexpensive–and find wonderful bits of the vartieties chomping at the bit. The affects of Grenache are unmistakable–first off–and THAT’S IMPORTANT!!! It casts a gamey, ripe and watery pallor over the yin and yang of the other two. There’s a dense, earthy base, spiking the cherry with pepper and peat, and that cherry is pitted with chalky mineral and substantial acid. Next time you see this sitting on a bar, don’t be afraid of it.

2019 TIMSHEL VINEYARDS ‘GSM’ GR/MV/SY 50/35/25 Paso Pobles 13.8

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