Pillow Fort

This is a lean, vapid little guy–but pretty much what we expect from cheap Haut-Medocs–and from the wonderful 2018 vintage, where Right Bank Merlots are California chubby and luscious but here the Cab goes definite *claret*. Checking the label, this is actually dominate Merlot, and I feel–from the condition of the cork–there might be some *transportation* issues involved in its fruitlessness. Beautiful clean ruby, a nose rife with barnyard and toasty nuances: burnt rubber layed delicately on flush cherry with a bit of angry vegetal exposed. Dark chocolate and petrichor waft through the bouquet, a little smoke and plentiful peaty visions.

Tasting it presents a bland, acidic, raspy drop… nothing unpleasant, but nowhere chock-a-block with the things New World palates would crave. Easy and thin, watery fruit cascades over the middle with expectant granularity, the pithy vibrance of Cabernet easy to spot. The ABV speaks volumes as it defies the now-standard 14… 14-5 offerings from France. There’s just not much going on in this wine… a food-fare BTG offering would be spectacular, but inexpensive BDX BTG is suicide in California restaurants. In Europe, you’d sell cases of it, but here NO ONE would appreciate a wine like this. Sad, really, because this is rather pretty in its simple, profound, linear way.

2018 CHATEAU ROMEFORT ME/Cab 70/30 Haut-Medoc Bordeaux France 13.0


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