Riesling me this

This is… ummm…. Well, what do I say. Pretty much what one would expect from this brand. I’m not an Ambyth expert, but had a few over the years and… well… no surprises from initially cramming my nose into it. Not offensive, but definitely bandaged with nuances screaming: NATURAL. Milky golden, a nose dirty and earthy and slightly putrid: fuzzy mold and warm compost, a barnyardy covering over the fruit pitched in with slight creamy cinnamon and nutmeg. An odd Riesling–to be sure–but one we’re going to work through here.

Let’s taste it though! What’s the worst that can happen. Creamy, thick entry showing tiny bits of petrol and asphalty vision: pretty much the only defining varietal points throughout the wine–albeit basically non-existent. Sharp bitter citrus rind rims the palate, immediately thinning to nameless, placeless white nothingness. Slight tinges of green vegetal poke through the middle, relinquishing to a cheerily sweet finish containing the only definable *fruit*. Apple and green plum, liquid lime flavoring, all icing on the vague, cidery aspects leading up. An interesting wine–for sure–but not interesting in ways compelling recomendation. Natural wine wonks will defend it, but Riesling-fan is gonna be like nah.

2021 AMBYTH ESTATE ‘Dry’ Riesling Coquelicot Vyd Santa Barbara Co. 11.5


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