Fire the Claymore

Smelling overly-ripe and rotund, this is not an exemplary Bordeaux. Dark, nearly impenetrable ruby, a nauseous, sweaty nose reeking latex and burnt brown sugar, the fruit a swilly, glycerine-ridden chubster of dried, moldy berry and dank, unpleasant vibes.

It tastes better than it smells, but after than bouquet, not much can redeem it. Dull and acerbic, fruit non-existent, a brittle burn coming head-long at you early-middle and puckering things swollenly into a hot finish. 15 and 16 were quite-wonderful vintages–even at the satellite level–and as I recall: the latter more approachable early than the former. But here is nothing to see. This is a Bordeaux for Paso Cab & Zin drinkers, not even worth its rather reasonable cost.

2016 CHATEAU LA HAUTE CLAYMORE ME/CF 85/15 Lussac St-Emilion Bordeaux 14.0

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