Casa Contenta

Absolutely textbook onion-skin on this vintage, all estate, 100% Pinot Noir methode from a small vineyard next door to Bassi Ranch in Avila Beach–part of the new SLO Coast AVA. Endless streams of bubbles feed the foamy rim giving off plenty of earthy splendor to comlement ripe apple and peach fuzz in the nose. The bouquet is ridiculously elegant, bringing to mind a small handful of some of the finest bubbles produced in California.

Perfect spritz prods and influences delicate fruit on the tongue. More apple, plum and Crenshaw rides in on biting, acidic wings to produce a complex, not-overwhelming mouth-feel fuzzy and soft from plentiful mousse. Classic *brut* dosage calms fears of overt sweetness and the whole package–demure and restrained–shines as delicate and thought-provoking. Find it if you can.

2020 CASA CONTENTA Brut Rose Pinot Noir SLO Coast AVA 12.5

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