Pet Project

An interesting blend–and one I’m not angry about at all. Ridiculous black staining purple, a nose clean and unslutty, with smoky meat and light vegetal plastered heavy over dense black cherry and candied plum. It FEELS like PS and TASTES like PS, but there’s a peppery bit of anger residing inside turning everything up to 11. A fairly low-intervention and moderate-alcohol winery in Paso Robles??!?!? Yes: there’s a few. None of them will get trotted out in the nauseatingly usual lists of *MUST VISIT* suggestions from Paso-wonk, but here’s one I recommend constantly to visitors.

Thicccc and luscious in the mouth, all that Durif glory coming through strong with more meatiness and distinct, crisp red fruit. And… there’s a spicy element powerful and elegant, feeling a lot like the old Italian–sometimes field-blend–versions of Sonoma-past. The ABV and RS are firmly in check, creating a truly snobby version of the grape. But delicious. All the elements for a stunning wine are here in this bottle, and the vast line-up of wines at Field Recordings NEEDS to be on your radar in Paso.

2018 FIELD RECORDINGS Petite Sirah/Primitivo 85/15 Santa Barbara Co. 14.5

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