Let’s Feud

This wine’s really coming into its own here nearing a decade. Glorious garnet in the glass, a deep ruby brooding dark depths. Nose a bit flat: not too much going on there, dank barnyard and fruit nearing maraschino in character. But it’s fairly bright and clean, the vegetal composty and peaty, the deep cherry rather focused, intensity a mellow drop–but dull.

Tasting it doesn’t aliven too many points of beauty, though nothing terribly awry likewise doesn’t detract. It’s calm and decent, the fruit headed south, tertiary neither insulting or compelling. A rather bland glass of wine, acidity on-point, tannin under-whelming, an *interesting* mouthfeel lacking anything to write your mother about. Rounding out quite past prime, my earlier reviews granting far more interest and I am glad few of these bottles exist in my cellar. Just boring and sad all around–though not offensive.

2013 FEUDI SAN GREGARIO ‘Rubrato’ Aglianico Irpinia Italy 13.5


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