A Fair Grouping

Little gathering of friends for a futbol game and I offered to bring a case of wine. Maybe this is why they invite me? A vast range of palates: from one person who had literally NEVER had wine to several accomplished tasters and buyers.

Epilogue: The @laroche_wines fan-favorite over Grossot–both 2014–though I felt it fruitless and preferred them opposite. Both @deuxpunx and @the.grenachista pet-nat had a few fans–and some serious dislikes. The conversation around #naturalwine is always fascinating with people who have ONLY had conventional wine their entire lives. Obviously, they sit and stare at the glass first, then you watch the expression on their face when tasted.

The 2015 @korbel_1882 Natural felt sweet to me but everyone loved it. WOTN split between @marchesiantinori 2012 CCR and the 17 Provence Rouge 50/50 GR/SY. Everyone loved @dustynaborwines $22 Paso cab better than the ridiculously plush 2013 @freemarkabbey.

The 12 @holdredge_wines Pinot didn’t fit in and felt vague and uninteresting to me–and most–and the almost-10-year-old rosé had polarizing affects. The concept of ONLY drinking rose young is difficult to overcome in a lot of palates. There were maybe 10 of us and all bottles empty and my cellar is 12 bottles lighter thank DOG. #winetasting #winelover

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