I can’t believe we’re almost out of November and I’m thinking this is the best Pinot I’ve had this year. Looking back, of course there was World Of Pinot early on–with all the usual suspects of interest and charm–but honestly, this year nothing really jumped out at me at that gathering. It seemed to be an almost direct repeat of LAST year, with my favorites checking off the boxes at Big Basin, Flying Goat, etc. etc. Then I opened this, and from the first sniff I am compelled to go out on that dangerous limb of Best Pinot This Year. Thin garnet deepening to full ruby at the deep end, a gritty, green-briar nose packed with match-head and graphite, gutsy and glorious vegetal, elegant, edgy blackberry and white pepper and crimson fruit packed in on all sides of dirty essence. It smells SOOOO ridiculously good, and tasting it backs all that up–in SPADES.

Sweaty, savory, acid-ridden beauty on the palate, a thin expression of rich fruit solidifying pure Pinot expression. Dusty and earth-laden, spicy with an orange-Tang bitterness lofted on rich cherry sweetness. So thin and unassuming while positively riddled with orgasmic berry and herbaceousness. Early acid drives down gently into pinot-powerful tannin where the bitter rasp of perfection fills the finish. This is an AMAZING bottle of wine, ranking with a small group of Californians and even fewer Oregonians. Just stunning in complexity and luscious verve.

2014 RESONANCE VINEYARD Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton Oregon 13.5

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