A nose of putrid rotting flesh and vegetal waste opens this Cotes Blaye from my favorite vintage in some time. Dull of fruit while sharply nuanced with chalky metallic, sweaty palms and mildewed underwear. Decanted well in hopes of… well… ANYTHING positive. It has yet to materialize. A sullied cherry christens the *berry* aspect but fresh swirls bring more dearth to bear.

Thin on entry, a watery wash of slight strawberry over-powered by steely acridness coating every surface. Tinny bullshit covers everything, as the fruit goes flabby nothingness on Pixie-Stix shallowness. If a Suckling 91 and Wine Enthusiast BEST BUY provides the acclaim, I don’t want to know the questions. This is not Bordeaux–this is absolute rot-gut wine NO ONE could possibly enjoy. Ridiculously fruitless, structure-less, lacking tannin or basically anything of merit in the mouth, this is wine I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

2018 CHATEAU MAYNE GUYON Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux France 13.5

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