An impossible-to-read label, but everything points at 2010. This wine has been in the bar-buddy its entire life–which means probably 80% under ice, but some garish temperature changes. Pretty much a write-off for the bar, but here comes Steve! I’m like: Dude! that’s gonna be a fabulous wine! and he’s like nah bro it’s trash. “I will give you full price for it right now OPEN IT!” and he’s like: how does 5 dollars sound?

Perfect golden amber syrup in the glass, a nose toasty and rich, crazy gobs of almond butter and marzipan with sidlings of dull banana and burnt latex.

In the mouth, crisp and clean, though mired in the gleaming varnish of age. Thick and sweet, the bruised apple and soggy pear casting almost-apricot gleam to the parched mouth-feel. Acidic and waning in fruit, it finishes clean and mineralific while dusty fruit fades. Not even sad a bit about this wine.

2010 GOLDEN BEAR Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara Co 14.0

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