The Full Monty

A Sweet-Tart sort of take on a grape often vaguely pedantic and dull, this starts off in the nose with tons of sharp, spicy appeal: Mountain Dew and Cragmont lemon-lime with a certain heady saltiness running things down into pamplemousse territory. Rich and thick in bouquet, this is no waifish stranger, but coming forward with great floral aromas and even funky, pointed butteriness.

Tasting it compels things even further into top-notch Riesling arenas. Could we dare say–in grand Grenache schemes–this wine delivers what Riesling promises? Let’s not get carried away here… I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater, especially since I am not the world’s biggest fan of either variety. But this particular bottle delivers HARD. Gracious and sweet with lush aspects of willow-bough and tiger-lily, the cold-water cascade is difficult to ignore as this thing flows over the tongue. Earthiness is also bright, with sharp stones keeping any dank detritus notes at bay. Beautiful apple and pear fill the palate, apricot and tart pineapple bringing tropical to meet stone-fruit in astonishing aplomb. 3.1/.89 is pretty much all you need to see, though factor in a strong Central Coast 13-9 and you have the makings for a monster.

2018 FIELD RECORDINGS ‘Morro View’ Gruner Veltliner Edna Valley San Luis Obispo 13.9

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