Nobody Drinks Merlot

Amazingly funky from first pour, deep brick in the glass–actually brown throughout–a most un-inspiring color psychologically but redeeming itself in spades as moments progress. The tincture of mercury causes great pause but nothing points to failure in spirit as of yet. Glassine of bouquet, with faded fruit following, the entire feel that of washed-out berry and progressed tertiary.

Tasting it elevates things considerably, as spunky raspberry and glossy cherry vie for dominance over a body reduced to sharp leather and brittle rosin. It drinks like something 20 years beyond the stated age, a sad–but not completely unpleasant–representation from a house I have long had problems with. Why can’t Mondavi wines fulfill greatness where expected? Why does this label fall so far short of products half the price and constitution and seems so lacking in stamina? I WANT to like this brand, but everything since *Unfiltered* makes my brain ache. I have a multitude of Napa–and even Sonoma–merlots in my cellar FAR strapped to longevity than this blithering idiot. This feels so tired, so washed out, so blah and yawning… It’s not unpleasant, just expectations expire within moments. Chalky and dry, while blustery berry try hard to evoke semblance of finesse to no avail.

2011 ROBERT MONDAVI Merlot Napa Valley 14.5

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