Pretty sure my first 19, and not even sure what the vintage is like. Haven’t researched. I tend not to unless something starts showing quality over and over–like 2018. This feels far less *California* than 2018, big and rich but not quite as lavish and the 18’s, but nowhere near as *french* as 15 and 16. I have good luck with the Saby’s, and picked up this little $40 satellite to give 19 a run.

Deep impenetrable black ruby with purple edges. Heated, not terribly pleasant nose of roasted berry and alcohol. Lecithin and still, muddled earth show a shallow presentation. Decanted heavily.

Ripe and calm in the mouth, showing positive signs of texture while placating them all with New World ripeness. Chubby and one-dimensional, the lavish fruit fading quickly into sharp structure and fading into nothingness. Tannins are awkward: a light-bright glimmer of acid and dry retch. Not a whole lot going on here.

2019 CHATEAU GUILLOU ME/CF 80/20 Montagne St. Emilion Bordeaux France 14.0

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