Color Me Pleased

Quite possibly the world’s most perfect *red wine*, this little NV ‘California’ strikes on a multitude of levels. I’m feeling maybe Carignane, though there’s a depth of plummy spirit hinting at PS or even strokes of Zin. Gorgeous in the nose, a bright angst of herb balanced well on plush oak. It has notes of tertiary built into it, though age is not a factor. Chocolate, tobacco and worn leather carried on extremely ripe berry. But not too ripe. There’s no hot-weather sluttiness apparent in the bouquet–nor jammy fruit-FWD-ness: usually typical in the *red blend* arena. It’s just… vibrant, multi-faceted, and… GOOD.

On the palate, points toward the absolute winner this would be on any BTG list gains momentum. It enters rich and full, vegetal and mineral gravitas impossible to ignore. Fruit a supple but complex array of blackberry, apricot and cherry, a pomegranate spicy bitter proving its viability as quality blendiferousness. Rachetingly dry, while thick and sweet throughout, the peppery nuances of structure advance on every pore, and the finish–while plentiful of tannin–maintains the juiciness of crowd-pleasing body and lingering delicacy.

I know I’ve preached a million times “Red Blend” is formulated for people who–in reality–hate wine, and that it destroys typicity and dedication to variety, but here is a vague conglomeration of grapes proving–for a certain market–they can be serious wines. I could sell end-caps of this shit! Try it. Mikey likes it.

NV WEST OF TEMPERANCE ‘Colorfield Vol. 1’ PS VG Aglianico Teroldego PN Sangio Zin ME California 15.0

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