Victoria Victoria

The first thing you ask yourself: HOW is this wine 7 years old??!? Barely yellow, a toasty, mineralific nose feeling more like Sancerre than Chard, bright, buttery fruit shockingly tight with peach, green nectarine and strawberry. A stunning wine to smell, frankly, and although I wasn’t sure WHAT to expect (Australian Chardonnay isn’t something I drink every day), it most certainly wasn’t this.

Tasting it expands on the “HOLY SHIT” enumerators, as more clean, bright, slight and pointed fruit pierces the tongue with shards of acid. Ridiculous focus, the balance of oak and butter perfect in its brevity–the swing to clean nuances long and polished. Almost expressionless in its dedication to Chablis-like body and structure: vegetal sharp and integrated, flowing softly to rash tannin. This is just stupidly good Chardonnay, one I would love to blind alongside 1er crus triple the price. Beyond fabulous.

*this post is purposely short because of speechlessness on the part of the reviewer*

2015 YERING STATION Chardonnay Yarra Valley Victoria Australia 13.0

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