A most impressive Priorat, the oldest thing on the wine list and priced well… Absolute TEXTBOOK Priorat, with a nod to California palates–I will admit. Rich and decadent, churning with cinnamon and spice, tannins rather light in the long, chalky finish. AS I was drinking it (no info on label) I told myself it MUST not be 100% Grenache, and was hoping for gobs of Carignane. I even asked myself, “Could this even BE Carignan???” Got another 15 years to go: and not because it is rash and structured–because it is so well balanced. Do NOT pass this one up. Probably the most amazing 15-oh wine I have ever tasted.

2015 CELLAR MAS DOIX ‘Salanques’ GR/CG/SY 65/25/10 Priorat Spain 15.0

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