In the Nook

One of my better wine purchases in recent memory. A few ’11 Casks during the spring sale. $155 marked down to 100 when added to cart. It’s not often you can get such great deals on older vintages with perfect cellar-direct provenance. Here we have a vintage #winebro does not understand and LOVES to hack on, but the 1% adore and even some of the wagging tongues have come around on recently. And this bottle is no exception: A stellar wine in all ways: piquantly fruited, crammed with dust and funk, starting to brick a bit and throwing sediment. Tannin a raspy effigy back-dropping polishing fruit. Many years to go.

2011 INGLENOOK ‘Cask’ Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Napa Valley 14.2

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