Over the Moon

Black and grainy in the glass, only thinning to purple-ruby at the rim. Big, musty, grimy nose showing all the splendor demanded of Northern-Rhone syrah. Vegetal ire and dirty-baby-diaper fills the nostrils, gamey with earth and funk riding on piquant berry only showing itself with gobs of breathing.

Textbook-perfect on the palate, all the hopes and dreams of Paso, Santa Barbara and even Sonoma Coast squished to smithereens by the spicy, acidic power this wine produces and can NOT be emulated ANYWHERE else. Blackberry and cherry rich and demanding attention, though massaged with sharp citrus and bitter, green layers. Thin and biting over the middle, glimpses of greatness in the concentrated fruit requiring search and assuredly going outside the 99% spectrum of appreciation. Not a speck of chub anywhere on it. Tannins are a soft affair, melded seamlessly into the body for the long run.

If there ever was a 1% wine: this is it, and it all comes together in perfect unison in a finish begging for 20+ years of age. A timeless wine, one which will reward even casual cellaring for a decade. And wouldn’t ya know it: a quick google shows lots of hi-80’s “scores” and 3-star ratings from winebro: that should tell you all you need to know about this wine. Absolute perfection.

2018 DELAS FRERES ‘Les Launes’ Crozes-Hermitage AOC France 14.0


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