Mountain Laterals

A curiosity-grab off a local shelf, it may or may no have been influenced by the “Mountain” on the label… Strong eucalyptus flows out of the staining, dark, and slightly bricking liquid–amd that’s about it. Deep brambly berry resides within–a light sorta *berry punch* in an extremely vegetal package. I expected something rustic, but there’s more than that going on here.

Tasting it produces a very distinct mouth-feel: Imagine chewing tin-foil while snorting lime-juice. The fruit is thin and vague, highlighted by ridiculous–nyet–VIOLENT citrus and tinny characteristics. Rather light in concentration–save the acid wash–the finish trickling quickly into nothingness but fruit-fade. With an ice cube on a hot summer day, this might be passable as Corsican or Sicilian beauty but solo on the table a tough swallow. Googling quickly shows a persuasion toward the Natural Wine community–which explains multitudes.

2017 LADERAS DE SEDELLA ‘Anfora’ Romé Tinto GR Jaén Sierras de Malaga DO Spain 13.0

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