Harris Ranch

After last night’s Shiraz, wanted to head a–possibly–opposite direction in style, but honestly, not much different. Incredibly eucalyptus in the nose, the body dense and purple-staining. Drrrrty, oily earth grasps the bouquet, the fruit buried beneath musty funk and wilted floral.

Tasting it presents a nice, even mouth-feel, well-balanced between a well-acidified wine and one blossoming with rich berry. Generous and rather smooth, youthful obliviousness to elegance a shocking juxtaposition to how delicate this wine actually comes across, despite its rusticity of *place* and casual dedication to low-intervention. Chalky throughout, the blackberry and black cherry never skipping a beat, tannin a mild, sweet affair. There’s just enough rough edges to inspire and just enough yumminess to enjoy.

2020 SABELLI-FRISCH ‘Harris’ Syrah Mokelumne River AVA California 14.0


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