This wine will take the paint off your car. Seriously some rambunctious stuff. Green and virile in the nose, intense vegetal and spiny fruit clamoring for attention in a purple-blue body, the eucalyptus and dearthy grasp allowing only sentiments of berry and cherry to glimmer through. A funky swill masquerades across the bouquet, everything hinging on chubby, dripping roots and Caltrans-mowing springtime growths in clouds of pollen and macerated greenry. Then you taste it.

So much life. So much pure Syrah distinction. But wandering within a peppery notion, dank and driving in a who-knows-what blend of Rhone deliverance. Alive in ways hard to put into words, defiantly young, a grand FUCK YOU to all predilections of beauty amassed from years of Syrah-alliance. But beautiful it is, the edgy intake of rhubarb in bouquet influencing attack, a buttery, latex Band-Aid severance from calm, approachable California-ripe offerings so peculiar and terribly problematic with what the 99 look for in a red blend. Stupidly gorgeous, nary a speck of flab in it, drinking like a barrel-sample needing 6 months to settle down, but still: the glassine fruit lays layers of complexity down onto tannins and acid so vibrant an intelligent person can not HELP but be in awe. I beg you to purchase this wine, and I beg you to NOT DRINK IT. For at least 5 years, that is. This is literally what every GSM should be outside France.

2020 HENSCHKE ‘Henry’s Seven’ SY/GR/MV/VG 72/13/12/3 Barossa South Australia 14.5


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