Aggravatingly Good

Ruby with somewhat staining pink edges.  Nice woodsy wet smoke wool flannel leather boots hot chocolate mulled wine sorta bouquet which grows to be heavy on the pine needles, nutmeg, and cassis.  A brilliant edgy steelyness accompanies this warm, dark melange–typically indicating a lower pedigree.

One of my favorite topics in the World: $20 NAPA CAB.  Picked this up on the orphan table at Tastes of the Valleys in Pismo Beach.  Typically I wouldn’t select something with a name like Provocative–I am terribly allergic to wines named with adjectives–especially ones of a suggestive nature.  But being a second label and such a great deal, I couldn’t say no.  This would be fun up against BV Ruth and Ber KV–the two standards by which all cheap Napa/Sonoma Cab are judged.

Full and mouthfilling and an instant follow-through of the pine-needle.  Creamy and layered with cedar shavings and smoke from wet leaves and tannin rearing up before the appetizer-course has been removed.  Nothing huge and opulent over the middle–but certainly not hollow–bright fruit with just a trace of patina tip-toes on burnt, Dutch, salty licorice over the steady hum of tannin.  At its peak in 5 years.

2008 PROVOCATIVE (Ahnfeldt) Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.7

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