Pretty White

The Selezione wines from @tenutadelmeriggio … Oh you think their *regular* DOCG Greco and Fiano are good??!? These two selections from the finest lots get a tiny bit of barrel age, unlike ANYTHING else produced except the DOCG Aglianico Tourasi (Aglianico is the variety, Tourasi is the tiny region in Campania–one of Southern Italy’s ONLY DOCG’s, Avellino is the town and Tufo is the stone in the hills).

Fiano is already a rich smoky brooding variety, akin to a zingy Chardonnay, and the oak only adds to its complexity. Greco is a racy, spicy, ridiculously acidic number, and the wood sooths and massages the fruit and structure (YES: tannic white wine exists, boys & girls). There’s only a few barrels of this produced, as the vast majority of this small, mostly organic, NO SULPHITES ADDED winery (8000 cases) sees only stainless steel. If you have ANY opportunity to taste these wines, do NOT miss it!

A week with this amazing family and their brilliant wine-intentions wraps up and I am headed state-side tomorrow bright & early. They’re doing everything right here, with estate vineyards, top-of-the-line equipment, tuned-in marketing, and Carmine Valentino, one of Italy’s hottest winemakers. They receive a unanimous Steve McConnell stamp of approval easily and without condition. It is so inspiring to see a winery make progression like this in less than a decade. The focus and commitment are PALPABLE in every member of the team and their gracious and enthusiastic sharing with me these past few days HOW their beautiful wines FIT into the cultural, gastronomic, historical and societal landscape of the region has been nothing short of breathtaking. And they manage to have fun doing it! Which is what it’s all about, no?


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