Forward, Never Straight.

A most intoxicating nose. Great flat-lands of rolling green, ridiculous sustained fruit, and a perfectly integrated splash of elegant oak. Smoky-lush, with a solid hint of mint and cassis, dark pitchy blackberry overwhelming all with a pie-crust coating of deep maraschino combined seamlessly with black, wet peat, smoking tire and petrichor but NOWHERE does it get in the way of the gorgeous fruit. Decanted heavily.

Paso Robles Cab has grown up far beyond the expectations of a lot of wine-dorks who have long rolled their eyes at the sometimes cheap, fruit-FWD jammy offerings almost always hot and simple. And the *luxury* spectrum of this grouping has grown by leaps and bounds the past decade. Now, finding cabs priced above $50 is a daily occurrence and MANY are well north of that. And almost ALL in the 75 to buck-twenty-five range show the attention to detail in the cellar and superb vineyard provenance as better-known California cab-famous regions. I taste a fair number of them and Paso Robles Cab is INDEED all growed up, this being a perfect example. I love having superbly-crafted and luxurious versions of the variety on the blog–even after years of rolling my eyes–because past sins are being forgotten and forgiven.

And when you taste it, you know. This isn’t your parent’s Paso. Blisteringly acidic, raw and wild, nothing flabby about this wine, absolute world-class cab perfection. Cool spicy attacks, coating all surfaces in a quickly-growing melange of rich berry, ground coffee, more of that mint, and stalwart cab structure. Still awesomely tannic–even here at 6, this wine is *just* approaching the drinking window and not showing tertiary or garnet in the LEAST. Stunning mouthfeel, tannins go on and on, never over-exceeding the fruit.

This is a gorgeous wine. Just flat out gorgeous.

2013 TW FERM CO. Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 14.7

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