3 for fighting

I didn’t blog last night and it weirded a bunch of people out, so I’m throwin a little Sunday special out for the fans: This isn’t going to be a normal review, but I want to reiterate THREE exciting new Paso Robles Cabernets that only the cool kids have heard about. It seems like with Paso–on a national or international level at least–the same old brands get trotted out over and over and over and over: the Justins, the Daous, the L’aventures *yawn* I mean it gets so boring and yet there are kids up there pulling the stops out on small production bottles, sourcing from the some of the best vineyards–ridiculously well-sourced fruit, NOT CHEAP–and not sparing any expense in production and oak programmes. You’ll never see these on supermarket shelves, probably not even wine shops, *possibly* a couple restaurant placements in LA, they are going to be winemaker-direct–the boxes probably even packed by the winemaker!

Why did I pick these 3 for commonality? They share gorgeous packaging, expensive bottles, rich succulent fruit and gobs of structure, beautiful oak and all surfacing in the past 3 or 4 years. A couple of these come from youngsters in long wine-growing and making history and one of them a culmination of lifetime interest. NONE of these are a ‘checkbook winery’ or vanity labels, labeled shiners or bulk juice. They are all the result of personal hands-on hard work and perseverance. None of these are cheap. These aren’t playing around down in jLohr, Eberle, Ancient Peaks and Broadside territory so get those bargain stars out of your eyes. Plan on spending a healthy portion of a $100 bill on each one. But that’s Paso Robles today boys & girls. Local kid all growed up! You KNOW I’m always poking around in dark corners looking for exciting new brands, so get familiar with these before anybody else does.


and for those of you capable of processing direct links, here’s my last three reviews on these:


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