Everyday Cab

This is a really pleasant wine. Dark ruby, gobs of chocolate and sweet cheery nectar but accented with the spicy burn of spearmint Cabernet and a nice chunk of petrichor. I would pay–and have payed–double what Dusty sells these things for. Gorgeous nose, ripe and flush with spirit.

Dusty Nabor is one of the new kids on the block doing everything right. A premium label of carefully-sourced premium wines adorned with incredible art, and a second-label NO SPECIAL OCCASION of de-classified or special-sourced juice at half the price. Everything is made at his winery in Westlake Village, but the fruit comes from the best of Paso Robles and Santa Ynez Valley. An exciting new brand.

Creamy beauty in the mouth. Blackberry and cassis run wild, and the gritty grain of supple acacia and sagebrush–but not too much grain and grit to scare away the daily-bargain-drinkers. I’m drinking this now thinking of all the lesser wines I have paid double for and feeling you CAN’T go wrong here. No blistering tannins, perfect balance and weighty aplomb, all tucked in with the perfect acid and pepper.

This is a wine the 1% will be like, “Oh boy, that’s not bad at all; all the stuff we want is here; wait WHAT did this cost again???” and the 99 will be like, “Dude, fill my glass again.”

2018 NSO by DUSTY NABOR WINES Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 14.5


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