Don’t Call Me Typical

A quite rosy little Pinot, hittin all the right notes. Gorgeous clear ruby fading out to cheery pink edges, leathery, smoky nose crammed with perfect fruit: gobs of clean cherry, plum, and just enough dankness to let you know it is indeed Pinot, but nothing rash and off-turning for n00bs to this variety. Mostly just packed with ripe fruit.

In the mouth, smooth and uncomplicated, INCREDIBLE rosy fruit, easy acid folds comfortably into the plushness of it, but with enough bite to give the thing grip and make sure no one confuses it with the Belle Glos clones on the shelf. Thin and lovely all across the palate, the concentration and elegance is THERE, just so ridiculously balanced nothing jumps out garishly and sugar is never a factor. Deep dark stone-fruit flesh, dripping with both ripeness and proper angst, the cheery entry fades into the sandpaper of the finish in a way almost impossible to find fault with. I don’t think it is particularly low-alcohol–all that SLH goodness decries that fact–I’m going to pin it at 13-6 but would be surprised if much higher. It is round and ripe and beautiful, and the fragments of rust and graphite and tannin play around the pedestal this thing props itself up on.

A SEAMLESS, well-done wine I DARE anyone to find fault with.

2018 TYPICITE WINES Pinot Noir Tondre Grapefield Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey Co. 13.8

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