Get Bent

A nose eliciting far more *burnt* than lovely fruit, a grimy, dull, and overbearing cherry syrup with grenadine foundations. Creme de Cassis and soiled alcohol are there for the serious lookers, buried under a chalky edge the fruit languishes behind.

Pretty classic mid-tier Petite Sirah at this age. There’s a serious patina of not-fresh proportions in the nose which arrives with lots of air, again–with the maderized fruit–pointing to a slide down the drinkability-window ladder. One of those wines dipping its toes into the *tired* end of the pool: Here by itself, it is interesting to drink and entirely enjoyable, but in a lineup I fear it would be passed on by most palates.

Tasting it enunciates the faults of the bouquet, although in the mouth it redeems itself as–again–a fairly classic PS at a decade. Massive concentrated fruit, thickened with age, coupled with screeching tannins in a black finish that–face it–represents everything we come to pray at the PS shrine for. Chewy and dense, it takes over your whole mouth with its peppery fire, spice and complexity a mere side-show to all the polished bluster.

2010 BENT CREEK Petite Sirah Livermore Valley Central Coast California 14.3

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