Just 18

That 2015 from my cellar the other day reminded me I have not purchased a supply of the 18 or tried it. I wasn’t in love with the 16, I thought it a little too candy and flabby, and the 17 was nice but not overwhelming. This 18 brings us right back around to the style of this wine I absolutely adore.

Beautiful Jolly Rancher fruit, crisp and yummy grating streak of acid, vegetal and even tomato-vine straight down the middle, bitter and cunning never plumping up too much in the finish but bringing the whole package together in shocking beauty and resolution for the price and provenance of this bottle.

This will not be the last bottle of Wildflower Valdiguie I drink this summer but will probably be the last one I review. This is the current release on shelves everywhere–I bought a 6-pack yesterday and even though it is light and charming will be beautiful drinking for the next 5 years.

2018 J. LOHR Validguie Arroyo Seco AVA Monterey County California 13.0


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