Red Saturation

This is a fun, juicy, fairly simple wine–as it SHOULD BE–and I have been a long fan of inexpensive house blends. No indication of varietal make-up on label, but judging by color, I’d say Grenache and Tempranillo… or maybe Sangiovese. Probably a *mop the floor* blend of barrel- and tank-overruns: an obvious WIN for the cellar AND the consumer–feeling quite Iberian. I had to check the label, and it is indeed NV–although if I had to guess, I’d say 3YO minimum. No problem for me there, either. Dark garnet in the glass, a nose of rich, somewhat flabby fruit and generous oak. Very dark berry, accentuated with leather-savory and under-lying doses of cinnamon and nutmeg.

BTG or end-cap: you literally COULDN’T keep this in stock–once people stuck their nose in it or finished their first glass.

Tasting it reinforces the Grenache component, though it is GRENACHE ON HEROIN. Round and flush and lined with light cellar-floor funk, it could almost fit in with some of the steroidal alleged Pinots out there people rave about. (Think: RED WAX) Thick and concentrated, jam-packed with bruised black cherry and prickly berry, a tobacco wave introducing the copious acid and sweet tannin. Unlike a lot of *Red Blends*, it’s not all dessert & oak, but actually strives for overall wine finesse despite the blending out of most varietal characteristics. I suppose it could be GSM, but not really feeling that judgement.

This is a wine best not over-thought, but as you know: that’s hard for me. I don’t think it’s a *classic blend*, but in terms of “Red Wine”, it hits on many lofty levels. It has bitter density to complement the robust ripeness and charming structure to placate the addictive fruit. It’s your new Daily Drinker.

NV DUBOST ‘Homestead Red’ Red Wine Paso Robles 15.0

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