Picnic Tends

Shockingly, this wine feels a lot like last night’s bottle, even though it’s from another part of the world and a COMPLETELY different grape. Super-light ruby at the core, with garnet tinges throughout. Fresh and vibrant in the nose, the bright fruit a tart cherry and strawberry, coated with subtle earthy ease and the piquantness of slight stemmy briar. Extremely young, absolutely transparent–I’ve seen ROSÉ darker than this!

Tasting it shows more light, refreshing body, an almost-spritzy acid curling the entry and influencing the middle. Plum, apricot and apple steer the fruit away from ripe cherry or berry, and although the finish dries out nicely, tannin is basically non-existent. This has all the markings of the Bardolinos I am used to, but in a package so watery-delicious and light, it belongs in a different class. It feels very much like the Bardolino Novello’s recently reviewed, but it’s not a nouveau. Merely a light, bright red wine, it carries the character of Corvina well, but with a body ridiculously thin. Unlike a lot of wines of this *texture*, it is not Jolly-Rancher-fruited or Sweet-Tart-candied. It’s just an extremely light red wine. You could drink this All. Day. Long. With ANYTHING.

2020 LE TENDE Corvina/Rondinella Bardolino Classico DOC Veneto Italy 13.0


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