Refrigerate At Will

Not gonna spend a bunch of time on this, but notable for a couple reasons and quite a deal. This showed up at Grocery Outlet and anyone who regularly combs their shelves KNOWS methode is rare as hen’s teeth. I have been shopping there 30 years and only remember ONE other California methode sparkler–and that was easily 25 years ago. That time, they got a whole bunch of something made by Shramsberg or Sharfenberger with a weird generic label slapped on it and the REASON it was on closeout was NO ONE COULD OPEN IT! Something had broken down in communication between the cork and the neck at bottling and these things literally took Channel-Locks to get open. If only I had known about sabrage back then!!! I bought a case that time.

This 451 contains–much to my chagrin–NO indication on label of proper serving temperature *pa-dunk–tink*, but it’s not a horrible wine by any means. Mild straw with plenty of bubbles in the glass. Not particularly lush, buttery or textured, it honestly has somewhat of a pet-nat feel to it. Almost cidery and with angular juxtapositions between tropical expression and sharp vibrancy. A bit earthy and savory on the nose, it continues that sort of wet-newsprint, warm-applesauce feeling over the tongue but brightens everything up with plenty of acidity and spritz.

But it’s $6.99 and while those looking for Champagne or California bubbles over, say, 30 bucks will probably be disappointed, it’s NOT a bad wine, with plenty of redeeming points. I suspect a R&R off-bottling, comfortably in lower-brut regions of dosage, and I don’t think it’s Pinot. Maybe even something besides BdB. Yup, a quick google confirms all three. Anyway… a 6-pack of this is gonna set you back 50 bucks and NO ONE will complain all summer. Especially your mimosas or Kir Royal’s.

NV 451 CELLARS Brut French Colombard California 9g/l 12.5

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