Just My Life

Clear and light, but packed with cab greatness exceeding its PP. Second labels are the true deal in a fair number of cases and this is certainly an argument. As if Dr. Pinot’s roster wasn’t full ENOUGH–with Maritana, Secret Door and Terminim–these JML beauties pull no punches. Grizzled briary greatness from first pour, the black cherry watery and glowing, sharp pungency in the nose calm and calculated. Robust Luxardo and careful portions of fruit exhibited, it’s a saline-infused strawberry rhubarb nose diced down into August-pond and dessert-like quotients.

Tasting it glorifies all the things we like about young, less-concentrated versions of Napa Valley. So much oak… so much maceration… so much saignee… Here. though, we have pure spirit and naked fruit, playing up into Corison, Togni and Forman regions of transparency. Briny and brittle, needing DECADES to settle down, the fruit a cool sharp pie-cherry, the wash of raspberry glimmering on vegetal wings. Brilliantly black and chalkily gritty, this is something for now AND the cellar.

2019 JML Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.0


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